The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) is committed to creating a safe, reliable and energy-efficient living environment from the electrical and mechanical (E&M) perspective for the people of Hong Kong with flexible and innovative thinking. In the coming future, we will continue to work hard on this goal. In line with the directive of 2017 Policy Address on development of Innovation and Technology (I&T) in Hong Kong, we will deepen the use of technology and creativity and devote more resources to collaborate with the trade, start-ups and academia to drive innovation in the E&M trade.

We will mainly adopt a 3-pronged approach to achieve this goal. First, we will render the greatest support to E&M start-ups and encourage more research and development as well as innovation. Second, we will step up the use of technology to enhance the quality of our services. Third, we will take a proactive and leading role in promoting innovation in the E&M trade in face of challenges.

We have been actively supporting the development of E&M start-ups to turn their research and development (R&D) projects into products for launching in the market. The EMSD headquarters building has been designated as a shared testing ground for E&M start-ups. For projects with good potential, we will facilitate the trial application in our headquarters building and facilities. As a neutral and professional government department with no vested interests, we will validate the effectiveness and performance of trial cases in a fair and just manner.

E&M InnoPortal is a platform for I&T collaboration. It maintains a list of the technology development needs of various government departments, public bodies and the E&M trade. On the other hand, we warmly welcome universities and start-ups etc. to provide E&M related innovation and technology for putting on the platform for matching. We will provide venues for trial of suitable projects, conduct prototype testing and pilot project in a collaborative way, and upload validated performance reports of trial cases to the platform for sharing with the public with a view to jointly promoting and driving the R&D and application of E&M related innovation and technology.

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