Smart Thermochromic Window Film

Solution Smart Thermochromic Window Film
(REF : S-0116)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • Thin flim made from poly(N-isoproplyacrylamide-2-Amonoethylmethacrylate hydrochloride microparticle
  • At temperature of 32C higher, the microparticles will automatically transform into a tightly fiber web to reflect light
  • Require almost no maintenance and low level of regular cleaning
  • Solar transmittance modulation around 80%
  • Passive temperature control
Matched Trial Project
  • This thermochromatic window flim can reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning in buildings
Contact Information

Company: The University of Hong Kong

Address: Pokfulam road

Name: Shien-Ping Feng

Position: Associate Professor

Tel: 39172639


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