SMART Management System for BEEO Execution and Operations – “SMART 610”

Solution SMART Management System for BEEO Execution and Operations – “SMART 610”
(REF : S-0089)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • Contain a web-based platform to receive, store and analyze BEEO submissions digitally to minimize hardcopy submissions
  • Identify and correct inappropriate entries in BEEO submissions automatically
  • Enhance the convenience and the transparency of the submission approval process for all stakeholders
  • Analyze the BEEO submission data with an artificial-intelligence-based data analytic engine for decisions on future BEEO executions
  • Report findings on the analytics to BEEO policy operators and the public automatically
Matched Trial Project
  • Data Acquisition and Visualization System for BEEO Submission Forms and Data
  • Data Analytic Engine and Result Visualization Platform for BEEO Submission Data
  • Automatic Generator of Reports on BEEO Submission Data Analytics
  • APIs to summarize BEEO Submission Data for the Public Sector Information Portal of the Hong Kong Government (
  • Base Building Model based on Analytics Results for Prediction of Effectiveness of New Energy Saving Technologies
Additional information Proposal - Building Data Ananlytics for Buildings in Hong Kong Simplified.pdf
Contact Information

Company: Building Energy Analytics Co. Ltd

Address: Unit 535A, 5/F, Core Building 2, No. 1 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong

Name: Ir Tony Ho

Position: Director

Tel: 9279 7353 / 3480 8208


Name: Dr Howard Cheung, Technical and I&T Manager

Tel: 6833 2522 / 3480 8208


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