Interactive Solutions(Cloud/IoT Applications)

Solution Interactive Solutions(Cloud/IoT Applications)
(REF : S-0199)
Features of Solutions
  • Customized solutions according to real scenario
  • Monitor Situations and Control related Hardware IoT technology
  • Configuring Cloud Environment for related operation
  • User accessible installations e.g. Interactive Kiosk / Digital Signage
  • Collection and Analysis of Big Data, Customized Report Generation
Matched Trial Project
  • Deploying various solutions for Property Management Entities
  • Monitor and Control various figures such as Environmental parameters or Seat Occupancy
  • Retrieving External data
Contact Information

Company: Life Time Technology Limited

Address: Room 1503, 60 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Name: Philip Tsoi

Position: Project Manager

Tel: 96739427


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