Smart Following Urban Rubbish Collecting Machine

Solution Smart Following Urban Rubbish Collecting Machine
(REF : S-0202)
Features of Solutions
  • Battery powered
  • Adaptive to currently using 240L refuse collection bin
  • Water spraying function to extinguish burning cigarette
  • Smart following ability with the worker
  • Light weight handheld suction hose with swivel assistance wheel
Matched Trial Project
  • Test the duration of the battery
  • Record the normal size of the rubbish to improve the design of the suction hose
  • Test the effectiveness of the following function
  • Compare the effectiveness with manual pick up
  • Test the robustness of the machine
Contact Information

Company: ERBESS Technology Limited

Address: Flat 4, 5/F, Nathan Centre, Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Name: Lau Ka Chun

Position: Director

Tel: 98285537


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