Smart Lift / Elevator Cloud Based Monitoring

Solution Smart Lift / Elevator Cloud Based Monitoring
(REF : S-0207)
Features of Solutions
  • A proven smart lift/ elevator solution has been developed over 20 years from Germany
  • Data generated by ISO 18738 ride quality measurement are for analyzing status of elevator and of its components & sub-systems
  • Non-intrusive sensors capture data, which analyse of parameters and predict future failure, allowing for optimized maintenance
  • Monitoring and performance tracking across different lift / elevators generations, models and brands
  • Life sensors suite with edge analytics capability (handling >200 Key Evaluation Parameters) is connected to the IoT platform through 4G
Matched Trial Project
  • Sensors measuring acceleration & vibration, door condition, leveling measurement, rope condition and load
  • Real-time monitoring of lift / elevator operations allows overview of operative state and captures data for predictive analysis
  • Automatic events identification and real time alerts
  • Graphical dashboard, incl condition monitoring, error analysis, optimized lift givesoverview of the lifts’ performance and maintenance activities
  • The dashboard for Facility Managers, Operators, Maintenance Crew is available through laptops, mobile phones, or tablets anywhere, anytime
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Contact Information

Company: INFA Systems Limited

Address: 17/F, 169 Electric Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

Name: Kenneth Tsang

Position: Head of Sales and Marketing

Tel: 2231 0808



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