LoRaWAN Smart Washroom IoT Sensing System

Solution LoRaWAN Smart Washroom IoT Sensing System
(REF : S-0165)
Matched Wish List W-0211 LoRaWAN Smart Toilet IoT Sensing System
Features of Products / Solutions
  • design/supply/install sensors for people couont/queueing/cubicle occupancy
  • design/supply/install sensors for odour level, IAQ and smoking detection
  • design/supply/install sensors for fault detection(lighting,vibration,leakage
  • design/supply/install sensors for resources (toilet roll, soap, tissue paper)
  • on-demand control based on threshold and interface with EMSD LoRaWAN Server
Matched Trial Project
  • comprehansive sensing on cubicle usage/pattern, IAQ/odour level, washroom resources, equip fault events
  • automatic/on-demand control of washroom fan/vantilation to keep better user experiences
  • on-demand dispatch cleaning services based on sensing result for better efficiency/resource
  • fully support of smart city, big data collection for management improvement
Additional information Yunhorn-Brochure-SMARTOILETS-EMSD.pdf
Contact Information

Company: Shenzhen Yunhorn Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 1001, HSAE building, Hi-Tech South 6th Road, NanShan District, Shenzhen, China (518057)

Name: Dongping Sun

Position: GM

Tel: +86-18126164508

Email: dp.s@yunhorn.com

Webpage: http://www.yunhorn.com/

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