Cremator Control & Monitor System

Solution Cremator Control & Monitor System
(REF : S-0243)
Features of Solutions
  • Description: Detecting different interested residual human lambs by an accurate and real-time object detection model, and according to the detected results to control the cremation process automatically.
  • Innovation: Fusion Object Detection technology and Reinforcement Learning technology to control the cremation process automatically, under the most energy-efficient condition.
  • Technology elements: Object Detection, Reinforcement Learning
  • Technical specification: Core Algorithm: FPN +Faster-RCNN + Reinforcement Learning, Camera: 4K Resolution, Server Graphics Card: RTX 2080Ti.
  • Efficiency: The speed of process could reach up to real-time, but depending on the computation speed of the server. If the graphics card of the server is the RTX 2080ti, the frames per second(fps) can be above 10 fps.
Matched Trial Project
  • An Object Detection model to detect interested residual human limbs.
  • A Reinforcement Learning model to control cremation process automatically.
  • A real-time cremation analyzation and details of control parameters.
  • A daily automatic adjustment report of cremators.
Contact Information

Company: Application Technology Company Limited

Address: Unit 313, 3/F, 16W Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Sha Tin, N.T.

Name: Emily Cheung

Position: Project Manager

Tel: 3489 7999



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