Automation Cremation Solution

Solution Automation Cremation Solution
(REF : S-0244)
Features of Solutions
  • Machine learning system is designed to imitate working pattern of operators who perform combustion control based on the key data and image classification
  • Unlike other computers, Cogniac is not programmed with code, but rather it is programmed by its users with images and video
  • The system onsite can automatically put image data into the system via the capture interface which performs basic indexing of the input data and assigns unique image identifiers which will persist throughout the system
  • Training data collection for different level (fans speed) of fans operation during specified time interval from operators.
  • AI system performs combustion control by classifying captured screen and trained material
Matched Trial Project
  • Operation log with timestamp is used to compare the performance between AI and manual work
  • Estimating the difference between AI result vs operator result.
  • A well-trained machine learning system can work as a trainer to assist a new operator
  • Performing integration with Crematory management software
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Contact Information

Company: HKT Limited

Address: 39/F, PCCW Tower, Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay

Name: Gavin Chan

Position: Solution Specialist

Tel: 9121 2953


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