Epidemic Prevention Robot

Solution Epidemic Prevention Robot
(REF : S-0365)
Features of Solutions
  • 1.9-metre-high thermal imaging
  • High-speed temperature measurement
  • Aerosol disinfection
Matched Trial Project
  • It takes only 20 minutes to finish aerosol disinfection in 5000 meter square area
  • Real-time Thermal imaging
  • Face Recognition system built-in the monitor
Contact Information

Company: Boao Zongheng Network Technology Co.,Ltd.

Address: Room 1105, Tower Two, Lippo Centre, Admiralty, HongKong

Name: Liang Shu Ting

Position: International Project Specialist

Tel: +8613247554774

Email: liangshuting@wtoip.com

Webpage: en,WTOIP.com

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