Sterilizing Robot

Solution Sterilizing Robot
(REF : S-0368)
Features of Solutions
  • Using pure molecular state of chlorine dioxide sterilization, safe, efficient, effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms in the air
  • VSLAM + Ladar-SLAM indoor navigation, stable and flexible obstacle avoidance
  • MINI body, convenient to go through narrow channels
  • Autonomously taking lift, free to work on different floors (optional)
  • Automatically re-charging when power goes low
Matched Trial Project
  • Chlorine dioxide disinfection
  • Automatically adjust the releasing rate to guarantee the disinfection result.
  • Disruption to traditional disinfection solution with chlorine dioxide, with a solid green disinfection pills, it releases chlorine dioxide gas in molecule state, easy to use, safe and effective.
Additional information 锐曼消毒机器人产品手册.pdf
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