AI Cleaning Robots

Solution AI Cleaning Robots
(REF : S-0369)
Features of Solutions
  • Eliminate bacteria and virus that can minimize janitors exposure to virus.
  • Cost Saving and Increase the efficiency and productivity
  • Adaptable to Environment Changes
  • Real time alert about the device status (via pager and app)
  • The analysis reports could be generated to know about the cleaning status.
Matched Trial Project
  • Our robot came out on top as the most effective way to eliminate bacteria, virus, etc.) by ATP Test
  • Finished 2 test locations, results were exceed to the traditional disinfection methods
  • Cost effectiveness - decrease work injuries, sustain employee insurance cost
  • Minimize cleaning staff’s exposure to viruses and bacteria
  • Increase the productivity
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Contact Information

Company: Softbank Robotics Group

Address: 46/F, WeWork, Lee Garden 1,Causeway Ba, Hong KongWeWork, Lee Garden 1,Causeway BayHong Kong

Name: Idy Tsang

Position: Sales Manager

Tel: 61081363



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