Mobile Spraying Robot

Solution Mobile Spraying Robot
(REF : S-0370)
Features of Solutions
  • Our productis an autonomous mobile robot using 2D-LiDAR SLAM technology that can navigate in indoor environment such as office and hospitals.
  • It is equipped with a spraying facility that can spray disinfectants to the environment.
  • The spraying of disinfectants is necessary in this urgent moment but the long exposure of human to disinfectants might be harmful.
  • It can be remotely controlled or navigate autonomously in designated environment to replace human labor force.
Matched Trial Project
  • Deploy the robot in a fixed indoor environment, and execute autonomous spraying of disinfect disinfectants several times a day.
  • This trial will help determine the value of autonomous spraying mobile robot on fighting virus.
  • This trial will help improve the product design and user experience of this mobile robot.
  • This trial will help verify the effectiveness and the capability of proper operation of LiDAR and mobile robot itself when spraying.
Additional information 20200222_消杀机器人方案_喷雾.pdf
Contact Information

Company: IPLUS MOBOT Tech. Co., Ltd.

Address: Floor 1, Building 8, Jinsheng Tech. Park, Binjiang District, Hangzhou

Name: Yichao Sun

Position: Mr

Tel: +8613858109428


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