Intelligent disinfection robot

I&T Solution Intelligent disinfection robot
(REF : S-0371)
Solution Feature
  • This intelligent disinfection robot can automatically plan a path and navigate to the disinfection destination, disinfecting around the object without dead angle, avoiding personnel from entering the infected environment and reducing the risk of infection.
  • We provides disinfection solutions based on various scenarios, such as the isolation control area, office, gymnasium, hotel and other public places. The robot can move automatically or remote controlled.
  • This intelligent disinfection robot serves as a carrier to integrate three disinfection modes: ultraviolet rays, ultra-dry mist hydrogen peroxide, and plasma air filtration to meet the high-level disinfection requirements, killing endospores at the rate as high as 99.9999%.
  • This intelligent disinfection robot serves as a carrier to integrate three disinfection modes: ultraviolet rays, ultra-dry mist hydrogen peroxide(or hypochlorite), and plasma air filtration to meet the high-level disinfection requirements.
  • As a platform for intelligent disinfection, this intelligent disinfection robot achieves quantitative, information-based disinfection, traces the disinfection task throughout the process, and realizes the closed-loop management of disinfection. It also provides solutions including the overall disinfection data analysis, infection control alert, prediction and emergency disinfection and so on.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • We have a professional deployment team which provide on-site robot equipment installation, to ensure the robot can work. They also train the customers after deployment to make sure they can run the robot by themselves. We can carry on the quick response to the customer after sales.
  • We can provide the CMA certification report of the disinfection robot to prove that it can meet the high-level disinfection requirements and also the CE certification report for the quality. The company is qualified to produce and sell disinfection robot equipment.
  • The robot is equipped with 9 ultrasonic shock sprinkler heads, 9 ultraviolet lamp tubes powed with 25w for each, and 2 sets of plasma air purification modules installed on the side, so it can provide three disinfection modes and switch the mode based on the scenario it need to disinfect.
  • The Robot is equipped with autonomous navigation, positioning, obstacle avoidance. It can automatically calculate the disinfection time required for the working environment. The robot can detect the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in real time and precisely control the concentration of dry fog to guarantee excellent disinfection results.
  • The robot generates a traceable disinfection record, monitoring the disinfection effect of the target space based on the previous disinfection data, and can communicate with the hospital infection control management system and upload disinfection data to the management system.
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Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Shanghai TMI Robotics Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:Floor1-4,No1102,Zhangjiangguochuang 1 Building,No,899 Dangui Road
Contact Person:Chongtao Bi
Position:Vice President,General Manager of Overseas Division
Tel: 13910527067 / 18918009631

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