Robotics Autopilot Cleaning Robot

Solution Robotics Autopilot Cleaning Robot
(REF : S-0377)
Features of Solutions
  • Initiates at any place, automatic steering, global positioning, accuracy up to 1-3cm, any point relocation
  • Can use in indoor and outdoor, robot automatic real-time composition positioning and navigation, centimeter error
  • Realize real-time video return and real-time analysis
  • Floor cleaning
  • Air purification
Matched Trial Project
  • Algorithm, hardware completed, small-scale mass production realized
  • The back-end processing system has been completed, and data can be monitored on H5 page and app
  • Compatible design of disc brush and roller brush, clean and efficient
  • Listed in the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park of Beijing Municipality issued the list of the first batch of new products and services of ZhongGuanCun to fight against the epidemic
  • Metro, hospital, high-end real estate, closed Park, Shangchao, office building, railway station, bus station, Airport
Additional information 真机青道夫防疫清洁机器人产品说明书.pdf
Contact Information

Company: Beijing ZhenRobotics Co. Ltd.

Address: 5 / F, block D, Zhizao street, Zhongguancun, Wudaokou, Beijing

Name: Li Hing Lung

Position: Co-founder

Tel: 62309352



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