Multi-scale spray antivirus machine

Solution Multi-scale spray antivirus machine
(REF : S-0379)
Features of Solutions
  • It uses two-phase low-pressure atomization technology to spray ultra-fine water mist disinfectant with different particle sizes into the air. It interacts with PM2.5 and other fine particles to sterilize and clean the air.
  • It can solve the problem of secondary pollution caused by aerosol suspension caused by traditional spray antivirus, and is more efficient, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than traditional spray antivirus equipment.
  • The ultra-fine water mist sprayed by the equipment is "dry fog", which has little influence on the humidity of personnel, equipment and environment, and does not interfere with People's Daily life, work and study.
  • The equipment performs virus elimination and aerosol treatment in confined and semi-closed Spaces, and the effect is more significant.
  • The device uses the disinfectant in the form of ultrafine water mist, which not only saves water and medicine, but also can spread to every corner of the room quickly, so as to eliminate poison without dead Angle of 360 degrees.
Matched Trial Project
  • The main machine is placed outdoors, and the two-phase atomizer nozzle can be connected into the room through water and gas pipelines, which can be fixed on the wall, window edge, door frame and other facilities for spraying and disinfection.
  • The device can be controlled remotely, and the start and stop mode and running time of the device can be set through the mobile phone APP to realize automatic spraying of disinfectant for air disinfection and cleaning.
  • The equipment can reduce PM2.5 in the control area by 20%-70% after 10-20 minutes of operation, so as to control aerosol suspended in the air.
Contact Information

Company: Chengdu Aerospace Zhongxing Machinery Co., Ltd

Address: No.7, zone 6, No.618, west section of Kelin Road, Wenjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

Name: Jiang Zhongbing

Position: General manager

Tel: +86 13708203457


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