AI Automatic Cleaning and Disinfection Robot

Solution AI Automatic Cleaning and Disinfection Robot
(REF : S-0383)
Features of Solutions
  • Discription of the product:DeepBlue technology combines the driverless technology with the experience of traditional sterilizing and cleaning industry,achieves the machine‘s intellectualization and Artificial Intellectualization.
  • Technical Details:The machine uses Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM technology to achieve high-precision map building, independent sterilizing and cleaning path planning and intelligent obstacle avoidance, and completes omnidirectional and three-dimensional sterilizing and cleaning through AI technology in complex indoor scenes.
  • Technical Details:Large capacity power lithium battery, 35 liter purified water container and DeepBlue’s unique water-saving operation strategy, with cleaning efficiency of ≥ 1800m2/h, make the machine work continuously and efficiently for a long time
  • Effectiveness of the product: The machine contains high-power ultraviolet sterilization, atomizing spray of disinfectant and ground cleaning are the advanced technologies different from traditional equipment on the market.
  • The advantages of the product:High safety,high reliability,easy operation,efficient work,multi scenario application,humanization,collaborative operation.
Matched Trial Project
  • Applicable scene:It‘s suitable for automatically floor cleaning and sterilizing of different material of ground, includes airport,supermarket,hotel,office,stadium,isolation area, etc.
  • Operate the machine:Only need to add the mixed disinfectant and water in the machine,set the map and make the machine work
  • Technical performance: A number of top engineers and doctors jointly researched and developed, through nearly 10000 mockup experiments to build the machine.
  • Functional advantages: Based on autonomous driving and indoor positioning slam technology, it can realize functions such as autonomous driving, automatic route planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and intelligent cleaning.
  • Case:It also did lots of actual operation in several applicable scenes, such as buildings managed by Cushman & Wakefield, executive office building of government, etc.
Additional information 深兰AI自动清洁机器人 -小浣熊.pdf
Contact Information

Company: DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Address: No.369,Weining Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Name: Robot Guo / Alice Wu

Position: operating VP / General Manager

Tel: +86 180 1623 9456 / +86 187 0562 8599


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