Disinfection safety guard robot

Solution Disinfection safety guard robot
(REF : S-0386)
Features of Solutions
  • a broad-spectrum, safe and efficient chlorine dioxide disinfectant is used, and the chlorine dioxide molecules are floated to the space for disinfection and sterilization through passivation synthesis
  • Disinfection safety: A1 level safe and efficient green disinfectant is the only one certified in disinfection technology
  • Autonomous map building navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, autonomous disinfection task, intelligent charging
  • Support two tasks: 1. Daily disinfection task 2. Emergency disinfection task
  • The scope of disinfection can be traced back: monitor the disinfection process in real time, generate a complete work log, and make the disinfection path clear
Matched Trial Project
  • 360 ° gas molecular space disinfection, the product after the action is carbon dioxide and water, non-toxic and harmless
  • One chlorine dioxide disinfection pill is consumed for each disinfection of 200m3, and the robot can hold up to 4 pills
  • Self complete map building navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance,automatic return to charging post intelligent charging
  • Regularly complete the disinfection task in the planned area every day, set the emergency disinfection task, trace the disinfection scope, and monitor the disinfection process in real time.
  • To Staphylococcus albus, Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, avian influenza, SARS new coronavirus ≥ 99.99%;
Additional information 解決方案名稱:東軟智能防疫服務機器人-東軟消毒安全衛士機器人.docx
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