Promobot V4

I&T Solution Promobot V4
(REF : S-0548)
Solution Feature
  • Promobot is an autonomous service robot capable to perform different business functions.
  • The robot is capable to greet and meet people verbally and physically (shake hand or give five) , promote services and help them.
  • Robot can be integrated with the internal software and perform basic business processes: scan documents, process payment, issue receipts, make photos, fill forms, navigate and more.
  • Every robot is produced and programmed for a specific customer, so our competitive advantage is customisation.
  • Our robotics platform allows customers to choose and simply shift the language they want to use, currently we support 12 languages.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Every robot can provide statistics of usage including gender, age, dialogues and provided services.
  • Based on our internal statistics, more than 30% of customer use robots to receive services.
  • Based on the customer's task, special software would be developed to achieve desired performance and KPIs.
  • The first robot would be tested for a certain period of time in a local Post office to analyse its performance and interaction.
Additional Solution Information Promobot presentation HoReCa eng (1).pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Promobot HK Limited
Address:HKSTP, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Daniil
Tel: +79678795777

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