IoT Control of Lighting System

Title of I&T Wish IoT Control of Lighting System
(REF : W-0129)
Project Summary and Challenges

We would like to develop an IoT-based lighting control system for deployment in EMSD Headquarters. The new control system would allow separated control of the various lighting units. With the help of IoT sensors, each lighting unit would operate at a power level that suits the lighting need of its "local" environment. In other words, lighting units could be adjusted for optimal efficiency, better comfort and greater energy saving. [This would also enhance the stability and reliability of the lighting system.]

MATCHED with I&T Solution S-0050
Expected Outcome To control lighting system by IoT network
Expected Project Duration 12 months
Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr Chan

Position: Building Services Engineer/General Engineering Services/Project/1

Tel: 37576067


Contact Person: Mr Wong, Building Services Engineer/General Engineering Services/F2

Tel: 37576067


Project Deliverables

Development of an IoT-based sensor and control network for lighting system

Matched I&T Solution S-0050 IoT based Smart Lighting Control System