Remote Lift Monitoring System

To enhance lift maintenance, EMSD introduced a remote lift monitoring system, which was widely adopted in Japan. We began in November 2014 a one-year pilot scheme to test the effectiveness of the monitoring system in Hong Kong, with the aim of improving lift efficiency, reducing operation downtime and trouble-shooting time, as well as enhancing passenger safety and convenience.

The pilot scheme was undertaken at Shun Lee Disciplined Services Quarters which has eight buildings. A remote monitoring system was installed in four of the buildings. Maintenance results were compared with lifts in the other four buildings not covered by the scheme.

The remote monitoring works by detecting signals using sensors. Inside each lift, there is a system with a number of sensors, which continuously monitor the lift operation conditions and collect data, such as door opening speed, levelling distance and braking system performance. The real-time data are then sent to the contractor's Central Control Centre (CCC) for analysis. When the system spots a fault, engineers are alerted so they can arrange immediate repairs.

With the "health" condition of the lifts being monitored continuously, the system helps foresee well before lift failure occurs, and optimize preventive maintenance frequency, thereby reducing the lift's downtime.

The pilot scheme was completed in October 2015 with positive result. We have since then deployed the system to 5 other venues, and would continue to identify appropriate venues for further deployment.

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