GIS-based Remote Monitoring System

To provide better operation and maintenance services and to improve management of E&M assets, EMSD has developed a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based Remote Monitoring System for around 1,800 traffic signals, as well as lifts and escalators installed at some 300 footbridges in Hong Kong.

The Remote Monitoring System was launched in late 2014. Using the System, we can identify faulty traffic lights at their exact locations in real time, thereby allowing prompt rectification of problems, and reducing the down time of traffic lights in general.

The Remote Monitoring System serves as a centralised information hub providing consolidated views of relevant E&M asset information, and allows real time monitoring of asset conditions and asset healthiness. Relevant asset information is collected from remote monitoring units installed in the E&M assets, or backend systems, such as various Area Traffic Control systems in Hong Kong. With this System, staff can visualise the asset and equipment status, and optimise life cycle management for the associated assets.

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