Immersion Cooling (MATCHED with I&T Wish W-0169)

Solution Immersion Cooling (MATCHED with I&T Wish W-0169)
(REF : S-0061)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • Target to save up about 50% of the electricity costs and 87% of physical space in data centres.
  • Placed side by side with air-cooled racks or outdoor or to be buried under floors, aim to eliminate the latency due to distance between computation and the final end usage.
  • Re-use heat generated by IT devices for other purposes.
Matched Trial Project

Trial Site : EMSD HQ
Trial Scale : EMSD HQ 1/F
Trial Duration : Oct 2019 to Oct 2020

Contact Information

Company: Submer Technologies

Address: Passatge Nogues 39, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

Name: Pol Valls Soler

Position: Co-founder

Tel: +34670464336



Matched Wish List W-0169 Immersion Cooling (MATCHED with I&T Solution S-0061)