LoRaWAN Networkserver (MATCHED WITH I&T WISH W-0037)

Solution LoRaWAN Networkserver (MATCHED WITH I&T WISH W-0037)
(REF : S-0092)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • The server is a telecom operator grade software product to setup, maintain and operate your own LoRaWAN Network. It's fully scalable and tested in country wide LoRaWAN deployments
  • It is specialised in installing it's software on the customers infrastructure and deliver services around our product like support and education
  • An user interface developed with a focus on usability and make it possible for the customer to setup his IoT use case.
  • Our networkserver meets security requirements and can be passed several security audits form our corporate customers
  • It provides a LoRaWAN gateway software to add a extra layer of security to the gateways and extra management functionality
Matched Trial Project Trial Site : EMSD HQ
Trial Scale : 1/F - 7/F EMSD HQ 
Trial Duration : April 2019 - Oct 2019
Additional information S-0092.pdf
Contact Information

Company: LORIOT AG

Address: Zürcherstrasse 68, 8800 Thalwil, Switzerland

Name: Yannik Kopp

Position: Lead Business Development

Tel: +41784059525

Email: yko@loriot.io

Webpage: www.loriot.io

Matched Wish List W-0037 Government-wide IoT Network (GWIN) for Trial Project (MATCHED I&T Solution S-0092)