Energy efficient lighting control solution technology

Solution Energy efficient lighting control solution technology
(REF : S-0156)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • lighting up LED at precise needed intensity, lights on and off autonomously
  • Sensing and harvesting sunlight intelligently
  • Award winning Plug and Play technology goes beyond tool-less installation
  • Direct current (DC) power supply based on induction energy storage and without electrolytic capacitor
Matched Trial Project Trial Site : EMSD Headquarters 
Trial Scale : Implement on the lighting of partial area in DTD office
Trial Duration : 11/11/2019 to 9/5/2020
Contact Information

Company: Green de Corp. Limited

Address: Unit 217 2/F Building 16W, Science Park

Name: Andy LAM Wai Kit

Position: Director

Tel: 96806400



Matched Wish List W-0204 Study for trial application of direct current IoT based Smart lighting control system