Machines Predictive Maintenance with AI

Solution Machines Predictive Maintenance with AI
(REF : S-0164)
Features of Solutions
    • Spare Parts Forecast: the forecast with AI will be more accurate than traditional statistical methods, thus enable better stock availability
    • Predictive maintenance: Incorporate the data from previous maintenance causes and faults with spare parts availability to schedule predictive maintenance with AI
    • Understand users’ free text remarks: By using NLP (Natural Language Processing), most of the users’ remarks can be understood by the AI to summarize and categorize the currently unstructured data.
Matched Trial Project Trial Site : Princess Margaret Hospital
Trial Scale : Hemodialysis Units under maintenance of EMSTF
Trial Duration : 6/11/2019-25/12/2020
Contact Information

Company: Dayta AI Limited

Address: 716C, 7/F, Enterprise Place, 5 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T.

Name: Patrick Tu

Position: CEO

Tel: 98628809



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