Trial Project P-0118
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Solution Feature
  • Through outdoor autonomous navigation technology, the robot can follow the preset trajectory to perform outdoor autonomous patrol missions 24 hours a day, and detect abnormal conditions.
  • Equipped with visible light and thermal imaging temperature measuring binocular head, collect video information, and accurately measure the temperature of the target environment during the inspection process (error ± 0.2 °)
  • Optional face recognition and visual recognition functions to detect whether personnel wear masks correctly; optional air quality and poisonous gas monitoring module and form data reports
  • Optional outdoor spray disinfectant function, spray spray disinfectant autonomously when performing patrol tasks, disinfect the environment
  • It has a powerful background function, displays the collected data in real time, generates alarm information and data reports, and can remotely control the robot operation. Relieve the pressure of epidemic detection through unmanned operations, reduce detection risks, and improve surveillance efficiency
Trial Information
Trial Site : 1. EMSD Headquarters; 2. CIC Kwun Tong Office
Trial Scale : 1 no. of fever screening robot
Trial Duration : May 2020 to Jun 2020
Additional Solution Information Mobile Temperature Measuring Robot.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Xi'an Underwaterdynamics Tec.
Address:Boyuan technology square, Yanxiang Road No.99, Shaanxi, Xi'an, China
Contact Person:Li Haoxuan
Position:Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 86-13572229866
Email: lihaoxuanacca@163.com