Trial Project P-0129
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Solution Feature
  • Indoor and outdoor positioning:Real-time positioning and query of personnel in the specified area, total number of personnel, number of partitions, specific location inquiry and group location inquiry can be seen at a glance on the management platform.
  • Track playback: The system automatically collects indoor positioning data of personnel and saves it to the cloud platform. It supports the playback of the movement of a specified person within a specified period of time, and supports retrospective recording of trajectories.
  • Electric fence:Electronic fences are set up in designated areas (entrances, passages, etc.). Once personnel are out of the set range, alarms can be performed to ensure safety and prevent hidden dangers.
  • One-button SOS alarm: Personnel can initiate a one-button SOS alarm at any location. The platform can query the alarm location and deal with it quickly, while collecting the heart rate and blood pressure health data of the person.
Trial Information
Trial Site : Hong Kong Region
Trial Scale : 5 nos. of GPS tracker
Additional Solution Information 人員資產定位管理系統_國享源創科技有限公司.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Sinoini innovation hitech co., ltd.
Address:Rm 323, I.T. STREET, Cyberport 3, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Alfred Lui
Tel: 60149663
Email: alfredlui@sinoini.com
Webpage: www.sinoini.com