Trial Project P-0071
Matched I&T Wish Application of Gait Pattern Analysis
(REF: W-0151)
Matched I&T Solution Machine Learning based Continuous Authentication by People's Gait Pattern
(REF: S-0093)
Solution Feature
  • The objective of the solution is to provide a real-time management tools for the site management team in HQ, who can monitor the workers activities in a remote site.
  • Work with management team, especially who has a lot of remote sites and has various sub-contractors who are necessary to work on these remote sites from time to time.
  • The technology of the service is the Continuous Authentication by People’s Gait Pattern. Any worker working in the site can be identified.
  • Other than identifying if he is a right worker authorized to work in the site at the schedule date and time, it is possible to detect the accident of the worker.
  • Other kind of activity detection will be support, e.g. stationary, climbing, walking quickly around, up and down stairs, as well as their indoor location history.
Trial Information
Trial Site : EMSD Headquarters
Trial Scale : 1 set of gait analyzing algorithm using AI
Trial Duration : 1 March 2019 to 31 September 2019
Final Report EMSD-M&V-P0071-W0151-S0093_Final.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Lambda Sense Limited
Address:D1-D3, 33/F, TML Tower, 3 Hoi Shing Road, TW, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Mr Barry Leung
Position:Founder and Director
Tel: 9167 9250
Email: barry.leung@lambdasense.com
Webpage: http://www.lambdasense.com