Non-invasive IoT based monitoring of pipes and toilets

I&T Solution Non-invasive IoT based monitoring of pipes and toilets
(REF : S-0757)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • NB-IoT or Mobile data enabled devices to actuate signal generator and receivers for the signals
  • Signal processing at the device to minimize payload transmission
  • Various signals, from sound to vibration, time and/or frequency domain to be transmitted to cloud for analysis
  • Signal transmission to processing to be handled in real-time with results presented periodically
  • Platform and API to further integrate into smart city or other data projects within HKSAR
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Implement devices and sensors onto urinals and pipes in existing washroom installations
  • From the various sensors, establish base line for normally operating urinals and pipes
  • With site information, calibration of the sensors for overflow situation or when pipes are forming deposits can be obtained
  • Provide a means to alert maintenance and attendants of the toilet for potential pre-emptive service requirement.
  • Provide a standardize data XML/JSON taxonomy for monitoring pipes and urinals.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:LR IoT Limited
Address:Unit 602, 13 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Contact Person:Ronald Lam
Position:VP - Technology
Tel: 21370877

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