Advanced GPS Asset Tracker with LoRa

I&T Solution Advanced GPS Asset Tracker with LoRa
(REF : S-0793)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • For mobile outdoor assets
  • For public-accessible Government assets on roadside; for events; e.g. movable toilets, containers, recycle bins, racks, roadblocks, temporary structure, machines;
  • Support Macro-location methods like GPS/GNSS for accurate position and time information, accuracy up to 5m.
  • Support micro-location methods like BLE or Wifi positioning; and depending on the infrastructure provide accuracy less than 1m.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Robust and Waterproof casing, vehicle grade shock/impact proof
  • Solar power solution with rechargeable battery that alone last for months
  • 9-axis accelerometer and motion sensors for wakeup or event-based trigger, such as tilted/collapsed
  • Datalogging function to store the non-confirmed GPS position message with timestamp; up last 30 records
Additional Solution Information GPS Asset Tracker with LoRa - EMSD-customised.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Hong Kong RFID limited
Address:Unit 11, 9/F., Wah Wai Centre, 38-40 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, Shatin, N.T.
Contact Person:Francis Tai
Tel: 852-3426 9132

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