Smart Parking (Resource Sharing)

Solution Smart Parking (Resource Sharing)
(REF : S-0078)
Matched Wish List W-0041 Smart Reservation System for Co-working Space and Car Park (MATCHED with I&T Solution S-0078)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • A standalone smart parking meter
  • Using smartphone data network connection for system information update
  • Provide in-app parking space data management, parking status, time scheduling; support advance booking, mobile payment and token transaction
  • Solar cell powered battery, no electric cabling needed
  • Support electric vehicle charging
  • Built-in status sensor using LoRa technology
Matched Trial Project EMSD HQ

MATCHED with I&T Wish W-0041
Contact Information

Company: KiLax Limited

Address: 116A, IC Development Centre, 6W Sci Park West Avenue, Science Park, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong

Name: Mr Kwok Chi Ming, Boris

Position: Co-founder

Tel: 9267 2634



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