Night-time Patrol Robot System

I&T Solution Night-time Patrol Robot System
(REF : S-0800)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Enable to perform auto-pilot features with obstacles avoidance within an extreme environment including narrow environment as narrow as 0.8m, while on the rough surface road, noise minimization over uneven concrete floor during night-time patrol by using noise minimization materials on wheels
  • Equipped with multiple high quality cameras including front camera, thermal camera and main monitoring camera and audio communication system for observation and security monitoring
  • Main monitoring camera equipped night vison and wide angle aperture features for capturing the prison cell interior and the cell number during daytime and night-time
  • Real-time video transmission and storage to the central local server through internal Wi-Fi Network
  • Basic AI & Video Analytics functions shall be delivered with the first version of working prototype, while more pre-analyse functions shall be delivered through the on-site learning process, the final list of function deliverables are subject to the feasibility studies conducted by the first version of working prototype
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Trial run of the patrol robot at a designated correctional institution to demonstrate the robot are able to pass through extreme environment and run on the uneven concrete floor
  • Functional test of multiple cameras and audio communication system during trial patrol to demonstrate all the cameras and audio system are in stated performance
  • Performance test of the main monitoring camera in front of the cell to demonstrate all the information required by CSD are able to capture into one screen
  • Real time video transmission and control at a remote location to demonstrate the local central server are able to facilitate the operator to control and monitoring the robot
  • Basic AI & Video Analytics functions are enabled to perform at the first version of working prototype, while some more functions can be done at the next version through the onsite video labelling and analytics learning process with the video footages obtained during the operation of the first version
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Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:GUARDFORCE LTD
Address:1/F, Guardforce Centre, 3 Hok Yuen Street East, Hung Hom, Kowloon, HK
Contact Person:Dennis CHUNG
Position:Manager, Business Planning & Transformation
Tel: 2765 2880 / 9323 5432

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