Cloud-based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Control

Solution Cloud-based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Control
(REF : S-0055)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • A cloud-based wireless air quality monitoring system complying the needs of indoor CO2 level control, PM2.5, formaldehyde, and VOCs level control
  • Easy access from mobile devices and easy data exchange with existing third-party DDC/BMS/PLC system
  • Offers single-point sensor calibration services which makes measured data reasonably reliable at much lower cost than traditional lab calibration method
  • Much lower setup cost than conventional control system due to wireless IoT feature
  • Both real time email alerts and historical data logs are available to engineer-in-charge, to operate the system in auto or manual mode using a mobile device
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Contact Information

Company: WOOFAA Company Limited

Address: Unit 613, Block B, Po Lung Centre Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Name: Mr. Marc Chow

Position: General Manager

Tel: +852 2649 4000



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