GIS Mobile Application

Solution GIS Mobile Application
(REF : S-0081)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • A GIS mobile application using multiple layering over geographic base-map, layering of various GIS data sources is done through the use of various types of orthomosaic maps (RGB, Thermal, NVDI…)
  • CAD and blueprints are integrated within our layers over map and image backgrounds
  • Different forms and procedures can be created on the internet platform by the customer and are immediately available on the mobile app
  • The GIS data on the mobile app is accessible and editable online or offline, while synchronization is done as soon as network is recovered
  • Additional custom improvements can be developed to meet specific needs, achieving high level of customization
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Contact Information

Company: MDI B.V.

Address: Marconistraat 16, Rotterdam Science Tower, 3029AK Rotterdam, Netherlands

Name: Francois Le Guillou

Position: Chief Operating Officer

Tel: +31 6 57 60 48 84



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