Aboveground Gas Pipes Health Condition Analysis System

I&T Solution Aboveground Gas Pipes Health Condition Analysis System
(REF : S-0955)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Allow manual input of maintenance data or batch excel, csv and JSON upload.
  • Analyse a large amount of internal maintenance data and external data (e.g. environmental data) by big data analytics technology.
  • Define contributing factors to both LPG and town gas pipes’ health condition, their correlations and impacts by regression analysis models.
  • Build classification and prediction models for pipes health condition analysis with application of machine learning technology.
  • Visualise pipes health condition and analysed results by user interfaces or interactive charts.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • User interfaces for batch excel, csv, JSON data upload or manual input.
  • Data Analytics engine for LPG and town gas pipes health condition indicator (say, level 1-5) and maintenance measure recommendation.
  • PRISMA engine for transformation of unstructured data to structured data.
  • Alert system for monitoring gas pipes health condition change (e.g. maintenance reminder).
  • Dashboard of health condition and distribution of gas pipes.
Additional Solution Information ClusterTech Aboveground gas pipes health condition analysis solution for EMSD v1.pptx.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:ClusterTech Limited
Contact Person:Sammi Sin
Position:Sales Manager
Tel: 2655 6121
Email: hkbd@clustertech.com
Webpage: https://www.clustertech.com/hk/

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