Robots for Receiving and Dispatching Mails and Documents

I&T Solution Robots for Receiving and Dispatching Mails and Documents
(REF : S-0992)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Integrate functions of Sample Collection and Delivery Robot
  • 24 Hours x 7 days non-stoppable real time surveillance
  • High sensitivity and high accuracy self navigation
  • Cloud intelligent management system
  • Customized 3D laser + 3D depth of field ToF camera + 2D laser + ultrasonic and anti-drop sensor fusion
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is able to work in outdoor environment and sustainable with all weather (e.g.
  • Apart from collection of specimen bags from the units on ground level, i.e. the robot may extend across the adjoining road and the corre is no elevator, has ability to perform vertical reach from ground level to 1st level (around 4.5m height from
  • have a wide-angle aperture of the video-camera(s) for viewing but without much distorting the aspect ratio;
  • Equip with a handling manipulator for holding specimens to collection tray.
  • Means to protect specimens from sunlight and rain or any external impacts during the collection process shall be in place. * Accommodations for persons in quarantine are built on blocks. Each block is divided into two levels, the g
Additional Solution Information v.png
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:kim technology
Address:Room 402, 4/F, Block C, Golden Lion Garden, Taiwai
Contact Person:shum chi ho
Position:Project manager
Tel: 61039279

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