Smart Rail Intrusion Detection System

I&T Solution Smart Rail Intrusion Detection System
(REF : S-0974)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • SOLUTION FEATURE: The L3CAM is a patented sensing solution protected by 12 active patents which has been conceived for robust object detection, tracking and classification. The system combines 3D+2D sensing techniques in a compact and self-contained device integrating all the hardware and AI software required for this use case.
  • TECHNOLOGY ELEMENTS: The system is based on a novel approach combining four complementary imaging modes: 3D-Lidar, RGB, Thermal and Polarimetric imaging. This combination provides an unprecedented level of robustness & reliability in object detection aligned with the most demanding requirements in critical environments such as railway sector.
  • INNOVATION: Besides the novel hardware approach supported by 12 patents, the system includes a state of the art edge computing subsystem to process the sensor’s information. Real-time image fusion combined with AI for perception specially trained for object detection are embedded. No external computing elements are needed.
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: L3CAM has 60º FOV combined with a detection range of at least 200m for small objects at real-time. It can also distinguish man-made objects using polarization imaging. In addition, due to the sensor combination, it performs properly in day/night and adverse weather conditions, including dense fog.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: The most remarkable aspect of the solution is that it’s capable to almost eliminate the false alarms, very common in the traditional surveillance systems. This is possible due to this particular combination of sensing modes. L3CAM provides the highest reliability detection needed in critical environment like rail.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • CHINESE PARTNER: We are a European company based in Barcelona. In addition, we have a commercial agreement with a Chinese company located in the Guangzhou area to develop our solution in China. This agreement includes Honk Kong special administrative region. Both companies are involved jointly in this project proposal.
  • DISTRIBUTION OF ACTIVITIES: The trial activities will be divided between the two companies. The European company will be in charge of the technology development focused on hardware and software. The Chinese branch will be in charge of the on-site activities like installation, software updating, sensor operation, testing or data collection.
  • SPECIFICATION, CUSTOM PRE-TRAINING AI: The initial phase will be dedicated to an analysis of the EMSD specifications. We plan to use our L3CAM standard unit to keep the costs contained (no hardware development). The AI for object detection will be customized according to the EMSD specific use cases.
  • FINE TUNING FOR AI: To maximize the performance, specific datasets will be collected on-site after the L3CAM installation. These datasets will be used to fine tuning the neural networks according to real word scenario. The expected output is the minimum false alarm rate (target 0) and the highest reliability.
  • TRIAL SCOPE PROPOSAL: Specific demos days will be scheduled to demonstrate performance to the EMSD team. The on-site validation procedure can be fixed according to EMSD requests to ensure a wide test coverage including all the real-world situations. Detailed reports will be made with the results.
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Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Consortium composed by: Beamagine (Spain) / Hongke Technology Co,. LTD (China)
Address:Beamagine: Rambla Sant Nebridi, 10 - 08222 Terrassa - Spain
Contact Person:Beamagine: Jordi Riu Gras
Tel: Beamagine: +34 659706005 - Hongke: 400 999 3848
Webpage: /

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