Apply video analysis techniques for people flow statistics

I&T Solution Apply video analysis techniques for people flow statistics
(REF : S-1015)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • The response speed is fast, real-time detection can be realized, and the target will not be lost;
  • High accuracy and strong stability;
  • The centroid tracking function is used to avoid repeated count the number of people;
  • The algorithm model is a lightweight model, which reduces the occupancy rate of the hardware computing unit and does not affect the use of other functions.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Real-time detecting of the flow of people in public places, such as airports, railway stations, exhibitions and stadiums.
  • In normal scenarios, the recognition accuracy rate reaches 99%; when the crowd gathers in high density, the recognition accuracy rate reaches 97%.
  • According to the direction of movement of people at the entrances, the person can be judged whether is entering or exiting, which can determine the number of people.
  • The response speed is above 300fps and detection can be realized in real-time.
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