High Crowd Density People Counting for Large-scale and Complex Scenes Based on Giga-pixel Intelligent Array Camera Solution

I&T Solution High Crowd Density People Counting for Large-scale and Complex Scenes Based on Giga-pixel Intelligent Array Camera Solution
(REF : S-1017)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • High-resolution intelligent array camera can realize real-time video capture of up to 500 Mega-Pixels, and can be played back in any area and at any time in the whole scene.
  • One single giga-pixel camera can realize ultra wide field of view coverage, longer target detection distance, and effective human shape recognition distance increased by 15 times.
  • Multi-focus and multi-sensor technology can realize the unified resolution grid of the observation by using the combination of lenses with different focal lenses.
  • The front-end intelligent analysis of giga-pixel array camera supports the dynamic recognition of multi-objective deep learning algorithms such as human shape/motor vehicle, real-time reporting to the public cloud.
  • Enlarged area high-resolution long-distance multi-target and small target artificial intelligence recognition algorithm, unsupervised learning intelligent calibration technology.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Realize real-time observation of Giga-pixel level high resolution video for crowded areas such as squares / gatherings, and video playback at any time point and any view
  • Use edge intelligent engine device to realize 0-800m long-distance human recognition, and realize population statistics and density statistics in high-density scenes such as squares / gatherings
  • The protection grade of giga-pixel intelligent array camera supports IP66, which can be used outdoors all day, and anti shake technology is adopted to avoid the influence of strong wind
  • Use the computing power of edge devices to realize the human shape structured data after high-density pedestrian flow area recognition, remove the human characteristics, and transmit it to the public cloud service
  • According to the actual requirements of the system, handshake mechanism can be established with public cloud services to ensure the real-time interworking between intelligent detection data and cloud services
Additional Solution Information 基于亿像素智能阵列相机的大场景高密度复杂场景人数统计解决方案-V1.0.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Shanghai Fokan Technology Co., Ltd
Address:Room 705-707, Guoxia Road 258#, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Contact Person:Xiaoxiang Chen
Position:Product & Marketing Vice President
Tel: 8618616284984
Email: xxchen@fokantech.com
Webpage: www.fokantech.com

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