Machine Learning based Continuous Authentication by People's Gait Pattern

I&T Solution Machine Learning based Continuous Authentication by People's Gait Pattern
(REF : S-0093)
Matched I&T Wish Application of Gait Pattern Analysis
(REF: W-0151)
Trial Project P-0071
Solution Feature
  • The objective of the solution is to provide a real-time management tools for the site management team in HQ, who can monitor the workers activities in a remote site.
  • Work with management team, especially who has a lot of remote sites and has various sub-contractors who are necessary to work on these remote sites from time to time.
  • The technology of the service is the Continuous Authentication by People’s Gait Pattern. Any worker working in the site can be identified.
  • Other than identifying if he is a right worker authorized to work in the site at the schedule date and time, it is possible to detect the accident of the worker.
  • Other kind of activity detection will be support, e.g. stationary, climbing, walking quickly around, up and down stairs, as well as their indoor location history.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome

Trial Site : EMSD Headquarters
Trial Scale : 1 set of gait analyzing algorithm using AI
Trial Duration : 1 March 2019 to 31 September 2019

MATCHED with I&T Wish W-0151
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Lambda Sense Limited
Address:D1-D3, 33/F, TML Tower, 3 Hoi Shing Road, TW, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Mr Barry Leung
Position:Founder and Director
Tel: 9167 9250

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