Development of AI Models for Predictive Maintenance of Lifts

I&T Solution Development of AI Models for Predictive Maintenance of Lifts
(REF : S-1137)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Development of generalized A.I. models for different lift components to detect potential faults so as to achieve predictive maintenance
  • Development of A.I. models shall utiliize those historical performance data (of each lift component) provided by EMSD
  • Inter-correlation among multiple lift components' performance and the decay lifecycle shall be figured out via the analysis results from A.I. models
  • Application of the AI models shall be available on an existing server in EMSD
  • Development of a dashboard to visualize the lift components' performance
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Develop three machine learning models for decay prediction and six engines for anomaly detection in regard of the following lift components: motor, ropes, lift door, lift car, brake and levelling
  • Develop mathematical matrix and algorithm for anomaly detection to figure out the lift performance's trend analysis as well as the inter-correlations among components' performance
  • Provide recommendations regarding the implementation of predictive maintenance system based on A.I. models' analysis
  • Deliver a performance dashboard to visualize the lift components' analysis results as well as to prompt alerts when abnormality happens
  • Deliver source code, operation & maintenance manual and suggestion report of the A.I. models
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Address:Room 407-8, 4/F, Hing Yip Commercial Building 272-284 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Ashley Cheung
Position:Project Manager
Tel: 67461442

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