Smart Washroom Monitoring

Solution Smart Washroom Monitoring
(REF : S-0109)
Matched Wish List W-0149 Washroom Management System (MATCHED I&T Solution S-0095 and S-109 and S-0124)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • The Smart Toilet Monitoring system provides an ideal end-to-end smart solution on a single platform. It enables remote monitoring of the occupancy, queue and indoor air quality in the toilet by offering an intuitive overview of the sensors for easy and efficient management.
  • The system also alerts cleaning operators on changes in the toilets to make more informed cleaning planning and increase overall maintenance productivity.
Matched Trial Project
  • The collected data can be analysed to provide insights to better develop preventive and predictive maintenance regimes to raise overall service delivery standards for users
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Contact Information

Company: INFA Systems Limited

Address: 17/F, 169 Electric Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

Name: Kenneth Tsang

Position: Head of Sales and Marketing

Tel: 2231 0808



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