Washroom Management System

Solution Washroom Management System
(REF : S-0124)
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Features of Products / Solutions
  • Recent surveys have found that a bad restroom reflects poor management and unhygienic restroom lowers opinion of a building
  • Goals: 1.Enhance user experience 2. Enhance management efficiency
Matched Trial Project
  • use of queuing sensor for toilet usage
  • use of indoor air quality sensor for toiliet iAQ condition
  • use of flood sensor for water leakage sensing
  • use of liquid level sensor for soap dispensor level sensing
  • sensor can direct trigger fan or floor blower control
Additional information Smart Toilet LoRaWAN.pdf
Contact Information

Company: Softhard.IO Limited

Address: Entrepreneurship Center, Level 5, Cyberport 3, Core F, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong

Name: Andrew Ip

Position: Director

Tel: 28639490

Email: aip@softhard.io

Webpage: www.softhard.io

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