Intelligent monitoring and management platform

Solution Intelligent monitoring and management platform
(REF : S-0087)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • Provide real-time human data analysis for the site, monitor the traffic of the crowd, and know the number of people in real time to facilitate the flow management.
  • Provide the site with the detection of legacy personal items, theft detection, and the intrusion detection of restricted areas to ensure the safety of the site.
Matched Trial Project
  • It enables real-time traffic management at the site. Ensure the circulation of the venue. Thus the passenger experience is also improved.
  • Ensure the safety of the site:Ensure that people and things are also safe.
  • Realize the analysis of human flow data.
Additional information 智能監控管理雲平臺_國享源創.pdf
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Address: Rm 323, I.T. STREET, Cyberport 3, HK

Name: Alfred Lui

Position: Co-Founder

Tel: 60149663


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