Smart Energy-Saving Management & Control System

I&T Solution Smart Energy-Saving Management & Control System
(REF : S-0141)
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Solution Feature
      • Regulates the overall energy balance of system through control of all the components. The Control System monitors the various variables
      • Starting from the overall balance of the central air conditioning, seek overall coordination and control of the main unit, water pump, cooling tower, and related valves
      • Through dynamic adjustment of the main frame cooling water, cooling pump, freezing pump, cooling tower and energy saving device, achieve optimal performance under any load condition and ensure that the system is always operating in the most energy efficient manners
      • Heating & Cooling prediction; Fuzzy Logic Control Technology; Multi-zone heating and cooling balance distribution control technology; Optimal Pump System combination control technology; Dynamic bidirectional variable capacity control technology; Optimal Mainframe small temperature difference compensation control technology;
      • Optimal COP Mainframe Control Technology; Cooling water optimal temperature control technology; Low load flow compensation Control Technology;
        • 40% - 70% Electricity power savings by HVAC pumps, fans and other relevant devices.
        • 25% - 40% Overall Energy saving by HVAC System
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Dachong Energy Technology International Limited
Address:Unit 312, 3/F, Lakeside 1, Phase 2, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T.,HK
Contact Person:Eric Lee
Position:Project Manager
Tel: 2117 1337

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