Mechanised Puzzle Parking

I&T Solution Mechanised Puzzle Parking
(REF : S-0125)
Matched I&T Wish Mechanised Puzzle Parking at EMSD Headquarters
(REF: W-0042)
Trial Project P-0082
Solution Feature
  • With increasing demand of parking space in HK, mechanised puzzle parking, as one of the fully automated parking systems, could bring Hong Kong a more efficient use of parking space.
  • Mechanised puzzle Parking is a fully automated system featuring combination pallets that enable horizontal and vertical movement of parking spots just like a puzzle to park and retrieve cars. A fully automatic independent system, it can be easily configured and customised to any premises.
  • For the sake of safety and efficient control, the system deploys various types of sensors with PLC to manipulate automated operation.
  • Drivers could bring the system into operation with smart cards and pull off the available parking space.
  • Together with an appointment scheduling apps, the drivers could access the real-time status of the parking space and reserve their parking appointment, and hence the system would automatically bring the best configuration of the pallets position to facilitate traffic flow.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:REC Engineering Company Limited
Address:Units A-D, 15/F, Goodman Kwai Chung Logistics Centre, 585-609 Castle Peak Road, Kwai Chung, HK
Contact Person:Mr CHAN Chi-ming, Antonio
Position:Deputy Managing Director
Tel: 2619 8818

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