Nano Bubble Sanitization System

Solution Nano Bubble Sanitization System
(REF : S-0151)
Features of Products / Solutions
  • Nano bubble sanitization system uses low concentration of ozone gas to produce ozone nano bubble with average diameter of 120 nm. There are more than 20 million units of ozone nano bubble per milliliter of water.
  • Ozone nano bubble has excellent water sanitization efficiency that it can be used to remove broad ranges of bacteria, fungi and virus in a short period of contact time.
  • The use of ozone nano bubble can replace the use of chemical detergents or disinfectants and minimize the risk of chemical allergy.
  • Nano bubble sanitization system can be used in public toilet, fresh water-cooling tower, swimming pool, fountains, fish farm, wet market and floor cleaning.
Matched Trial Project
  • Nano bubble sanitization system can be connected to the water tank, which has a defined water sanitization quality. The water sanitization efficiency by the nano bubble sanitization system can be verified by testing the water quality before and after installation.
Contact Information

Company: Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited

Address: Unit 515-516, 5/F, Lakeside 1, No. 8 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

Name: Joey Chow

Position: Senior Business Development Manager

Tel: 3511 3461



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