Construction Activity Tracking System (CATS)

I&T Solution Construction Activity Tracking System (CATS)
(REF : S-0184)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • We are developing a construction project management and platform tool to integrate with various project information, e.g. BIM, documentation, supervision and operation.The system is backed by high performance to protect construction data with >100,000 records per second performance to support various applications like supply chain.
  • Data security: No data leaks. Third parties cannot read or modify any data unless pre-authorized. All data are truly immutable and tamper-proof. No data export/import is necessary. In the common platform, data can be fully used throughout project cycle and delivery up to asset operation and services optimization.
  • Such platform requires fast data recording and processing. In our plan, all construction and facility data will be immediately recorded online: it offers low latency.
  • High adaptability: The solution is adaptable to actual workflows and expandable for other extended functions and needs.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Construction Activity Tracking System (CATS) Mobile App and Web App :
  • 1) offline operation without network dependency
  • 2)Biometric authentication
  • 3) Dashboard
  • 4)Permission control
  • 5)Real-time location, timestamp, and photos for tracking
  • 6)Proper referencing
  • 7)Automated reports
  • 8)Adaptable workflows
  • 9)Verifiable reports
  • As part of the construction project management tool and common platform, we have completed the construction management and supervision tracking system with real time time-stamps of operation records for tamper-proof property. The system utilizes blockchain for safe and efficient data storage and communication.
  • Manual, Workbench: It provides a clear guide on how to use our blockchain and its technological base that later applications could work on, which could be modified subject to Client’s needs and preferences.
  • CATS Manual: The construction management and supervision system can provide access and account control, process and workflow control, data allocation control, time-stamp operation, thus the data are judicially admissible. This application is part of the overall construction management tool and common platform for holistic facility development and operation.
  • Tailored trainings and Construction Activity Tracking System (CATS).
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Digital Transaction Limited
Address:Room 13, L6, Core E, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Kelvin Lin
Position:Vice President for Construction Industry
Tel: 2325 6667

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