IoT Active Greenwall (IAG)

I&T Solution IoT Active Greenwall (IAG)
(REF : S-0185)
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Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • IoT Active Greenwall (IAG) is an innovative natural plant based, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled air purification - functional and decorative green wall.
  • IAG uses Green plant species from researched list of higher removal capability of in door air pollutants, plants are irrigated with IoT enabled automatic irrigation systems, ensuring healthy plant growth and optimized water usage for minimization of insect disturbance to facility.
  • The proprietary filtration system is a proprietary design of chamber using energy efficient, award winning quiet motor that effectively filter bacteria, fungus spores, Volatile Organic Compound, Formaldehyde and air borne PM particles.
  • Meter - IAQ sensor monitoring system : 24 x 7 operating IAQ monitoring sensors, connection to cloud server for Info-graphic rich Data Dash Display System. The system can also be integrated with showing customer specific promotional video / graphics / welcome message banner.
  • Fully automatic, IoT controlled intelligent scene LED lighting, for optimal plant growth and photo-synthesis requirements, the premium natural scene intelligent lighting mimic natural sunrise and sunset cycle
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • IAG IoT Active Greenwall would be designed with user input and site survey, with planning of supply lines for electricity, irrigation and drainage water. Location of different components of the system including control boxes, TV for dash board, IAQ sensor boxes and LED lights would be surveyed
  • The IAG uses modular capsule design for growing of plants in the air purification process, a list of locally available plants of high removal capability of indoor air pollutants researched in collaboration with university, would be used for pattern design of the IAG outlook design.
  • The IAG EnvoAir chamber would be designed and layout according to the site environment, coupled with the energy efficient and quite motors for enabling optimal air flow for the purification process.
  • IAG’s IoT connected IAQ meter keep tracks indoor air pollutants, storing these data onto cloud server, presented using an advanced data dash, to the site’s TV. 
  • LED lights for plant growth would be planned and recommended by light specialist, lights would be controlled to optimize plant’s requirement and energy consumption, grouped for emulation of natural light scene. LED’s operation would be monitored to obtain balance of plant growth and energy.
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Bravolinear Tech Limited
Address:Unit 505, 5W Enterprise Place, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin NT, HK
Contact Person:Andrew Kung
Position:Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 2838 1138

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